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If you are a sailing lover and you look for a website to fulfill your passion, so our blog is the best place for you. You will have the possibility to share your passion with thousands of other yachting enthusiasts. Welcome, have a nice visit !


Sailing is a passion which gathers more and more enthusiasts each year : the number of navigation licenses has significantly increased during these last years, and the seas are more and more visited by the sailors. However, it is important to know that sailing cannot be improvised : indeed it is a delicate art, which has to be the subject of a rigorous learning process. That is why, before you attack the seas, you have to follow a precise formation to learn to sail. You will find on our website many navigation advice : how to read GPS coordinates, hands-on exercises to prepare yourself for the exam, and best places to obtain your navigation license.


If you would like to buy a boat to make your dream come true, but you do not know the criteria to be considered to make the best choice, this section will help you : we give you all the details to check before you buy your boat, and some good deals to buy your boat at best prices thanks to our partnerships with the most famous brands. We also give you some advice to choose your second-hand boat.


The world of yachting is constantly changing, and it sometimes can be difficult to follow. Moreover, it is a quite closed and muffled world, that is difficult to enter for the novices. That is why we offer you to keep you informed everyday about the changes of the yachting world : latest trends and innovations about boat and navigation technologies, regattas results, nautical events near your home... You will learn everything about yachting !

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